Sunday, July 10, 2011

Separate Blogs are working now

I now have separate blogs for each shop working.  You will see some of the jewelry overlaps into this site and some other things overlap in the others, but please see my links to the right for all our shops and blog spots!  Moving forward!  Yay!  Plus, FINALLY got a new banner on Odyssey Creations both here and on Etsy!  Looks so much better.  Do you think I should change my Odyssey Creations icon to a picture?  I actually have a couple that aren't too bad right now.  Thoughts?   Meet my husband, Dave.  He's truly my support system, my shipping manager, and he also does all the stained glass, builds me whatever I need for my craft room, built and put together our show display, and I couldn't do the shows without him!  We just had our 7th anniversary!

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My First Really Large Ornament

My First Really Large Ornament